Tuesday, September 25, 2012

taking one bite at a time out of the BIG APPLE

Today, we decided to use our own muscle to power around the streets of New York.
But before heading off, here's another view from our sleeping place. Pretty awesome, huh?
First stop: Apple Store. Lea decided that she needed a new case for her phone and so Kirk obliged her by making this our first stop. And yes, she picked out a sweet zebra case for her phone.
Conveniently next door to Apple was F A O Schwarz...now this store would have been fun for my kids like 10 years ago...
but, HELLO...who could resist the newborn nursery..there was actually a gal dressed in a nurses uniform tending to them as well! I had selected the baby in the bottom right hand corner: Ty and Sloane pretty much told me that their baby would probably NOT look like that!
Can't resist all the cool window displays of 5th Avenue...here's Louis Vuitton
Made our way to Rockefeller Center and my favorite, The TODAY show. And no, we did not get up at the crack of dawn to go and see it live.
This happened a lot while we were in New York.
Can you guess where we are now? Interesting people EVERYWHERE.
Yep, Times Square...full of all sorts of excitement--we actually came to try and score some tickets last minute....we were successful in getting some for Evita tonight!
like this guy that Kirk stopped to talk to...check out Lea's face and what she is looking at...she looks rather grossed out. OK, those are rats on the guys shoulders that have been dyed!
WHERE IS SAGE? This jumbotron in Times Square actually has a camera set in place and at certain intervals it takes live pictures so everyone jumps up and gets into it so they can see themselves on the jumbotron.
We grabbed a limo to take us home after seeing Evita with the yes, incredibly handsome Ricky Martin!! Yes, we did all this in ONE LONG DAY!

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Denice said...

I didn't know you were back to blogging. I decided to don a little blog reading. So happy for the chance to catch up on your life a little. Looks like you've had some busy and fun times.