Saturday, September 22, 2012


HELLO New York! This was the girls FIRST time in the city. It was fun sharing this experience with them. Most of them thought they could NEVER live this city lifestyle. But it was for sure a fun fun visit! The view from our digs...pretty spectacular, huh?
We hired a driver and car for our first day in the city. We wanted to see as much as we could the first day and with Lea, well, she's quite the trooper, but we knew it would be too much for her. First stop, Museum of Natural History.
Sage asked me to take a photo of this awesome necklace...I'm sure she would have loved to pinterest it!
Manhattan New York Temple
We walked around Wall Street and came across this guy....yep..straight from the 60's!
New York Stock Exchange
The famous bull statue was busy being part of a tv show being made in New York.
Statue of Liberty from Battery Park. Nope, couldn't take the boat over this time...I was paying a driver by the hour!
I loved this elevated car organized and efficient.
Some of us went up the roof of the Empire State building--here's Mari and Star.
Here's the million dollar view from the top of the Empire State Building. Lea and I chose to go to New York's LARGEST department store....Macy's. (yeah, I'm not real fond of heights and well, Lea is pretty blind, so why spend the $-we're much better at shopping!)
The girls caught up with us and we splurged on some Ben and Jerry's which was conveniently across the aisle from the junior department! We had a pretty busy first day in New York. We drove all around the different areas such as Little Italy (where we had lunch), Chinatown (kind of a let down, except this cool store called Pearl River Mart), Greenwich Village, and so much more.

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