Saturday, August 29, 2009

Kirk and Melanie's adventures

I flew back with Kirk last Sunday to spend the week with him in Loma Linda. Besides treatments at the crack of dawn and working out in the gym each day, we had a fun week full of adventures. We visited the Huntington Library and Gardens which was absolutely beautiful. They had over a 100 acres of gardens and libraries full of incredible art and collections. We went to the Newport Beach temple on Tuesday and walked around Balboa Island and naturally had to stop at Fashion Island as well. Wednesday is always our "work" day. We stay in Loma Linda and get our stuff done which consists of doctor visits, laundry, support group meetings and etc... Thursday, we drove to the Los Angeles Temple and took in a session. The outside temperature was like 105! We stayed indoors the rest of the day! A couple of times this past week we've socialized with several other people receiving treatment as well at Loma Linda. After talking with a lot of these other guys, Kirk is doing really, really well. We feel blessed.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Our Weekend

Kirk came home for a "visit" after being in California for almost 6 weeks! We are happy that he hasn't missed any treatment days due to the machine going down. His treatment time these days is 5:30 am. He is drinking his water at 4:45 am. (ugh!) So, what is he doing on his weekend home? His favorite past time....working in his garden! I, on the other hand harvested a small bounty from my garden and cooked it all up for lunch.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Kirk has just completed treatment #23.  He is halfway done!  You need a total of 45 treatments to graduate from the program.  He is feeling a bit fatigued these days as well.  He will tell you if you ask him how he feels with his prostrate being "fried" each day.  He now has the tell-tale marks on his hips--sort of looks like a sun tan about the size of a baseball on each hip.  I'd love to say that he is getting more comfortable with treatment, but I'd be lying to you.  Does he get "used" to receiving a balloon and filling it with water?  NO.....NO....and NO!  He is lucky that he for the most part is feeling great.  We have met a lot of other guys that have numerous other problems.  We feel so blessed.  I drove home and arrived on Saturday.  It's nice to be home, but after not being home for almost a month....well, you can all imagine.

Happy Birthday Star and SKy

So, where do you go on your birthday when you are in southern California?  Of course, this year you go to Disneyland because you get in FREE!  When I heard about getting into Disneyland free this year on your b-day, I never dreamed we'd take advantage of the offer....well, we certainly did.  Of course, going in heat of summer it was HOT and CROWDED!  And since, we'd just been there in January of this year, we made it a point to see those things we couldn't do on our earlier Small World and the Haunted Mansion.  We'd never taken the pirate ship ride around the island either.  Happy Birthday Star and Sky!

Venice Beach

Monday, we decided to head over to Venice Beach and check out the strange people that inhabit that part of Los Angeles.  We all loved going to the beach and playing in the water and soaking up the sun.  If we lived in California, I could totally go for the beach every Saturday.

Family Reunion

Sunday we drove to Van Nuys to pick up the girls from their fun weekend with cousins.  My Auntie Eleanor was there as well as my cousin Sandy Kay and some of her kids.  Galen and Jackie just spoiled my girls and they didn't want to leave.  We all had a great time and enjoyed some yummy food.  

24 years we come eternity!!

My cousin, Galen and his wife Jackie from Van Nuys invited the girls to come and play with them for the weekend.  So, Thursday night we met halfway in San Dimas and gave them the girls.  They had a great time going to the beach and playing games and going to see G.I. Joe.  It was also our wedding anniversary that weekend (24 years!) and so we decided to get out of dodge and go to our favorite place in California....LaJolla.  We thought we'd drive there and go straight to the temple, but we found it closed for cleaning...bummer.  We enjoyed our time at the LaJolla Shores Hotel (our favorite LaJolla Beach and Tennis Club was booked!) and thoroughly enjoyed the cool beach weather.  But alas, we had to go back to Loma Linda on Saturday, so we attended a spanish session at the Redlands Temple.

Trying to cool off...

We are constantly trying to find ways to "cool" off here in Loma Linda.  It is SO hot here!  So, one day we decided to drive to Big Bear and "cool off".  It was a pretty winding road and I felt bad for the kids in the back of the car facing the cars behind us.  We had a picnic while up there and enjoyed walking around this little village area we found.

Adventures on the RED Line...

We drove to Union Station in downtown Los Angeles and bought tickets on the subway for the "red line", for $5 a person.   Walking around Union Station was an adventure in and of itself.  Just the people watching and seeing all the trains and what not was cool.  We got off on most of the stops and checked out all the touristy stuff.  We walked Olvera Street and saw the first hacienda in Los Angeles and checked out the stalls of Mexican stuff.  We went to Universal Citywalk and walked around and had lunch there.  Hollywood and Highland was pretty exciting stop as we visited Grauman's Chinese Theater and watched all the freakazoids walking around.  Next stop was Pershing Street where we explored Grand Central Market and saw the cool "Angels Flight" funicular. (which is closed for whatever reason?) After our long subway ride, we drove through Chinatown and checked it out as well.

Sunday, August 2, 2009