Thursday, November 24, 2011

a picture says a thousand words

Sage right after surgery

she had this lovely road rash thing...she can't remember how she got it (she wasn't wearing a harness seat belt...only a lap belt)

this was pure joy--respiratory therapy...NOT!

Nazi nurses taking her on a have to appreciate nurses--tough love makes you get better faster!

time to go home and no clothes that fit! i had to scrounge for a top for her to wear home!

Families are forever!! this picture was taken the weekend she got home

group shot of all the girls two weeks after the accident--aren't they beautiful?

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Nothing short of a miracle

We've experienced a miracle in our family. Pure and simple. God lives and has preserved the life of half of our family. The links below are two news articles that will enlighten you concerning our circumstances.

Sage came home from the hospital on 11-11-11. We are grateful and overwhelmed by everyone's kindness towards our family.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Sage turns 14!!!!!!!!!

It's SO unbelievable that Sage is now 14!!! She is my baby...she needs to stay tiny. (well, she is on the tiny side for her age!) We celebrated with friends and family. She wanted an ice cream cake...literally, no cake...just ice cream. So that's what she got-a block of ice cream that I frosted with some whipped cream! She was thrilled! (check out how the candle flames frame her eyes!)

Blowing out one more candle each year is starting to get a little bit harder.

Favorite gift...yeah, she's wearing it! Given to her by good friends Katherine and Mary Katherine.

I'm sure Sloane picked out this cute dress from her and Ty!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sagee, Yellow Hair, Tiny Baby, Schlage!!! We love you.