Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Parasailing and Pappagallo's

Not everyone was able to go parasailing earlier in our trip. So, we made sure to get these three up in the sky.
Here's Maya, Kirk and Mari heading up.
And here's the threesome making their way back into the boat.
The group after parasailing traveling back to the Ritz Carlton. (they pick you up right at the beach)
We took the girls to this really nice restaurant called Pappagallo's. It's sort of hard to find, because you weave in and out of neighborhoods and just when you think you're totally lost...there it is. They have an assortment of parrots here and this gray parrot is quite the character.(look on Kirk's shoulder)
There are about a dozen beautiful parrots here...and no, it's not like at Disneyland where they sing, etc... They are just beautiful to look at and not to touch!
Six beautiful girls after dinner.

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